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Small Batch Craft Coffee - Roasted With Love - A Great Way to Start Your Day

On this page you will find our current selection of craft coffee beans that are available for purchase. We source from small micro-lots, and it is all organic. The beans we use in our roasts will be subject to change, as availability changes.

All of our coffees have a very good cupping score. Cupping is used by coffee producers, importers, roasters, and baristas to taste and evaluate coffee as objectively as possible. To be classed a speciality coffee, the roast must score 80 points or above, a standard that only 5% of coffees worldwide meet. We are proud that our cupping score averages above 84, reflecting the speciality quality of our coffee.

Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine Craft Roasted Coffee

Liquid Sunshine is light roast. Currently, Liquid Sunshine is an Ethiopian bean. It is a light bodied coffee with hints of floral, green tea, and honey. It is medium acidity, and has a cupping score of 85. It is organic and has gone through a washed process.

Sold in 12oz bags.

Mid-Day Dream

Mid-Day Dream Craft Roasted Coffee

Mid-Day Dream is a medium roast coffee. Currently, it is a Peru organic. It is a heavy body washed coffee with medium acidity. It carries hints of chocolate, molasses, roasted almonds, and citrus. It has a cupping score of 85. 

Sold in 12oz bags.

Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness Craft Roasted Coffee

Midnight Madness is a dark roast coffee. Currently, it is a Sumatra Organic wet hulled. It is a medium bodied coffee with mild acidity. It carries hints of plum, raisin, tobacco, black tea, and molasses. It has a cupping score of 84.5.

Sold in 12oz bags.


We do sell in the DFW Area at various local outdoor markets. To see when and where we will be click here.

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